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The Cupcake and Espresso Bar

PoppinPay is proud to be the author behind the success story of The Cupcake and Espresso Bar, as we provided them with a branded mobile order ahead app that seamlessly integrates with Square. Through our expertise and innovative technology, we transformed their customer experience, optimized their operations, and maintained their unique brand identity. Join us in celebrating the sweet success of The Cupcake and Espresso Bar with PoppinPay as their trusted partner.

The Problem

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our cafe faced challenges in keeping our doors open and serving customers safely.

The Solution

Implementing the PoppinPay mobile app with curbside pickup feature transformed our business. Customers could order ahead, ensuring a contactless experience and maintaining social distancing guidelines. The app’s integration with our POS system streamlined operations, and features like order history and customer feedback enhanced loyalty and service quality.


The app became a game-changer, helping us adapt, survive, and thrive during the pandemic. It provided a safe and convenient way for customers to enjoy our offerings, while boosting customer engagement, loyalty, and operational efficiency. We highly recommend PoppinPay to businesses seeking to overcome challenges and enhance the customer experience.

“The mobile app with the curbside feature has been a game-changer for our cafe during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided a safe, convenient experience for customers while increasing engagement. Seamless integration, efficient operations, and customer feedback made it invaluable for our success. Highly recommended for any cafe or restaurant looking to adapt and enhance the customer experience.”

Fadi Ballout, Owner

Cupcake and Espresso