The Only Mobile Order Ahead Solution Designed
Specifically for Square-Powered QSRs

PoppinPay provides omnichannel web & mobile ordering solutions to drive
revenue and increase your marketing flexibility. Our solutions integrate fully
with Square and feature no transaction fees.

EST 2017

Founded and Partnered with
Square Since 2017

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, Poppinpay has quickly grown into an industry leader for Square-oriented mobile solutions. From our earliest days, our founders recognized that QSRs had few options for deploying web & mobile ordering solutions outside of expensive custom application development. We responded by putting together a team of local, in-house developers to provide revenue-driving mobile order ahead technologies that let smaller businesses compete with larger chains across the nation.


Branded Mobile App and Web Store
Connected Platforms

Our branded mobile order ahead solutions are available on iOS and Android devices, carefully designed to showcase your brand’s
identity—just as if the app were built in-house. Every solution integrates directly with your Square POS to create a fully-synced omnichannel
solution for web and online ordering.

order from anywhere at any time

Omnichannel ordering options across your app, website, or both.


Data synchronization across platforms coordinates order histories, loyalty programs, profile info, and more.


Launch Your App and Web Store in 30 Days

Poppinpay makes it easier than ever to integrate online order ahead solutions. All it takes is one click to connect your branded mobile app
and web store, and our plug-and-play Square solutions require no additional hardware or changes to your existing workflows.

Connect us to Square

Connect us to Square

Streamline your payment process effortlessly by connecting PoppinPay to your Square account. Seamlessly integrate your business and unlock the power of secure, reliable transactions.



Immerse your brand’s identity into the PoppinPay app effortlessly. We integrate your logo and colors seamlessly, ensuring a consistent and personalized ordering platform that reflects your unique brand.



Leave the technicalities to us. Our expert team will meticulously build your PoppinPay solution, ensuring a seamless and robust platform that caters to your specific business needs.



Make waves in the restaurant and coffee shop industry with PoppinPay. Launch your new ordering experience confidently, offering customers a convenient and efficient way to engage with your menu.


One platform for
your restaurant.

  • Menu Sync
  • Promotional Codes (Coupons)
  • Square Payment Processing
  • Multi-location
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Square Customers
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Tipping
  • Square integrated workflow
  • Square Loyalty
  • Inventory

PoppinPay is the trusted choice for
numerous restaurants and cafes nationwide.

“The mobile app with the curbside feature has been a game-changer for our cafe during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided a safe, convenient experience for customers while increasing engagement. Seamless integration, efficient operations, and customer feedback made it invaluable for our success. Highly recommended for any cafe or restaurant looking to adapt and enhance the customer experience.”

Fadi Ballout, Owner

Cupcake and Espresso

“PoppinPay embodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship, which immediately caught our attention. Their ability to pivot and launch Curbside during the COVID-19 pandemic was commendable. From the start, their team demonstrated integrity, delivering exceptional, customized service. Poppinpay’s forward-thinking approach and partnership have been vital to our continued success. We are proud and grateful to be part of their journey.”

Tara Cronbaugh

Advisory Board Member for University of Iowa Entrepreneur Center

“Prior to PoppinPay, we dealt with handwritten tickets and long wait times. PoppinPay’s seamless integration with Square and user-friendly interface impressed us. Their live support, increased average ticket sales, and streamlined processes have made them our go-to solution. Highly recommended for capturing more business efficiently.”

Michael Panitz


“Before PoppinPay, we struggled with fragmented solutions. Their streamlined mobile ordering synced seamlessly with the Square dashboard, reducing staff stress and in-store lines. Exceptional support and increased revenue made PoppinPay a must-have. The curbside pickup feature saved our business during the pandemic. Highly recommended!”

Jett Odle