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Bobo’s Cafe

Bobo’s Cafe, a renowned local eatery known for its delicious offerings, faced operational challenges with their existing order management system. The reliance on handwriting tickets, phone orders, and long wait times for to-go orders were hindering their efficiency and customer satisfaction. Seeking a solution to streamline operations and drive revenue growth, they turned to PoppinPay.

The Problem

Bobo’s Cafe needed a more efficient way to manage their orders, freeing up staff from phone duties and reducing wait times for to-go orders. They were also looking for a user-friendly solution to simplify the ordering process and enhance the customer experience.

The Solution

PoppinPay emerged as the ideal solution for Bobo’s Cafe’s challenges. The seamless integration of their menu with the Square Dashboard caught their attention, ensuring a smooth transition. The PoppinPay mobile app provided a user-friendly interface, simplifying the ordering process and enhancing customer convenience. The real-time sync with the Square dashboard eliminated the need for multiple logins, enabling seamless menu updates and inventory management.


Since implementing PoppinPay, Bobo’s Cafe has witnessed remarkable improvements in their operations and overall business performance. They experienced an immediate increase in average ticket sales and visits per customer, indicating improved customer engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PoppinPay mobile app became a lifeline, enabling all orders to be efficiently funneled as customers were unable to order inside the cafe.

Bobo’s Cafe saw a significant increase in their to-go business, with the percentage rising from 20% to 50%. This allowed them to capture more customers who were seeking quick and convenient service. Additionally, the integration with Square provided real-time sync, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple platforms and ensuring accurate inventory management.

Bobo’s Cafe’s experience with PoppinPay has been transformative. The seamless integration of the PoppinPay mobile app with Square has streamlined their operations, improved customer satisfaction, and driven revenue growth. PoppinPay’s professional product and exceptional customer support have proven invaluable to Bobo’s Cafe, offering prompt assistance and guidance throughout their journey. Bobo’s Cafe highly recommends PoppinPay to other businesses in search of a comprehensive solution that enhances order management, customer experience, and overall operational efficiency.

“Prior to PoppinPay, we dealt with handwritten tickets and long wait times. PoppinPay’s seamless integration with Square and user-friendly interface impressed us. Their live support, increased average ticket sales, and streamlined processes have made them our go-to solution. Highly recommended for capturing more business efficiently.”

Michael Panitz