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Java House Coffee Roasters

Java House Coffee Roasters, a renowned coffee establishment with 29 years of experience, sought a partner that embodied the traits of a true entrepreneur. Motivated by challenges and inspired by the success of young companies, they found a perfect match in PoppinPay. With a desire to enhance their operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities, Java House Coffee Roasters embarked on a partnership with PoppinPay.

The Problem

Java House Coffee Roasters faced the challenge of managing their coffeehouse and chopped salad house retail entities within a single platform. They required a comprehensive solution that could cater to the complexities of their setup and deliver exceptional service for their company. Additionally, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a swift pivot towards launching curbside ordering to adapt to changing customer demands.

The Solution

In 2019, Java House Coffee Roasters partnered with PoppinPay to implement their innovative platform across their six retail locations. PoppinPay’s ability to handle their intricate setup surpassed expectations, and their team showcased integrity, timeliness, and resourcefulness in resolving both minor and major technical challenges. PoppinPay’s customer-centric approach ensured that no question was too small, providing a welcoming and informative service experience.

PoppinPay’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic stood out as a true testament to their adaptability. The successful and timely launch of the curbside ordering feature showcased their forward-thinking approach and commitment to supporting their clients’ success.


Java House Coffee Roasters experienced exceptional service and customized solutions from PoppinPay. The partnership proved instrumental in their success, with PoppinPay’s immediate and stellar support adapting to their specific requirements. The ability to pivot and foresee future technology changes ensured that Java House Coffee Roasters remained at the forefront of industry trends, enhancing their operational efficiency and contributing to their overall success.

The collaboration between Java House Coffee Roasters and PoppinPay has been a source of pride and appreciation. PoppinPay’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, customized solutions, and a forward-thinking mindset has empowered Java House Coffee Roasters to thrive. As a valued partner, PoppinPay continues to impress with their entrepreneurial spirit, industry adaptability, and dedication to anticipating future technology advancements. Java House Coffee Roasters looks forward to an ongoing partnership with PoppinPay, grateful for their contribution to their continued success.

“PoppinPay embodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship, which immediately caught our attention. Their ability to pivot and launch Curbside during the COVID-19 pandemic was commendable. From the start, their team demonstrated integrity, delivering exceptional, customized service. Poppinpay’s forward-thinking approach and partnership have been vital to our continued success. We are proud and grateful to be part of their journey.”

Tara Cronbaugh

Advisory Board Member for University of Iowa Entrepreneur Center