Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! Dive into our FAQs page to find solutions and insights to common inquiries.

Getting up and running with PoppinPay’s Mobile App is a streamlined process that takes 30 days or less. Simply connect your Square account, provide us with your business information, logo, and branding, and leave the rest to us. We’ll handle the setup and customization for a seamless experience.

Absolutely not! PoppinPay gives you the flexibility to choose whether or not to use Square Online Store. Even if you do use Square Online Store, you can still leverage the power of our Mobile App to enhance your business operations. The choice is yours, and we support you either way!

Yes! PoppinPay’s mobile app integrates seamlessly with Square Loyalty. Customers can earn and redeem loyalty points through purchases made using our app. The points balance reflects consistently across both in-restaurant and in-app transactions, ensuring a seamless loyalty experience.

Yes! PoppinPay fully supports multiple locations. Your locations set up in Square will seamlessly reflect in your mobile app without any additional configuration required. Manage all your locations effortlessly and provide a consistent experience to your customers across all your business locations.

Making updates to the menu in the app is hassle-free. Simply update your menu items in Square, and our app will automatically reflect those changes in real-time. No additional steps or manual updates needed, ensuring your menu is always up to date for your customers to enjoy.

Yes, absolutely! Within your PoppinPay dashboard, you have the flexibility to customize the menus for each location. This means you can show or hide certain categories, items, or modifiers, and even change their names for each specific location.

Yes, you can! With our Customer Order Notifications feature integrated with Square POS, notifying customers when their order is ready is seamless. As soon as you mark an order as ready in the Square POS, an automatic notification is sent to the customer. This system ensures a transparent and efficient communication process, providing real-time updates and enhancing the customer experience through timely and automated alerts.

Yes! PoppinPay offers an add-on marketing service that empowers you to engage with your customers directly within the mobile app. You can push targeted marketing notifications to app users, as well as through phone notifications. Additionally, our analytics feature allows you to track and evaluate the performance of each marketing campaign, giving you valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

Absolutely! With PoppinPay, customers have the convenience of saving their payment cards securely within the app. This feature allows for quick and seamless checkout experiences, as customers can easily select their saved payment method for future purchases. Simplify the payment process for your customers and enhance their overall experience with the ability to save payment cards on file.