Poppinpay Features

Elevate your business with seamless Square integrations, an intuitive Dashboard, optimized cart & checkout, robust customer management, versatile notifications, and seamless Omnichannel & Multi-Location capabilities.

Square Integrations


Square Order Status Notifications

Send customers a notification that their order is ready with the tap of a button. Poppinpay integrates directly with Square’s order status notification system.

Square Payment Processing

All in-app and web store payments are processed securely by Square, just like your in-store orders. Poppinpay charges no additional processing fees on transactions.

Square Menu Sync

Sync your web and mobile app menus with your Square Menu in real-time. All changes made to either menu automatically update to guarantee a consistent storefront across channels.

Square Customers

Accounts are automatically created when new customers register on the Poppinpay app. If customers already have an account in Square, we find them and automatically sync with their existing records.

Square Loyalty

Let customers earn points and redeem rewards in-app and through your web store with easy Square Loyalty Program integration.

Fresh KDS (Square integrated workflow)

All orders placed through Poppinpay are sent through the Square POS to trigger your existing Fresh KDS workflow, which automatically displays on your Fresh KDS tablet.


Allow customers to add tips during checkout via custom tip fields or pre-set percentages in the Poppinpay Dashboard.

Square Kitchen Printers (Square integrated workflow)

Any orders sent through Poppinpay & your Square POS automatically trigger your Kitchen Printer system to print receipts at all connected printers.


Update inventory levels in real-time and maintain accurate stock for your customers. With Poppinpay, any changes are applied to all channels at once for simple, easy inventory management.

Gift Cards (Coming Soon)

Let customers add gift cards to payment options, view balances, reload cards, and accept partial checkouts if the gift card balance doesn’t cover the full amount.

PoppinPay Dashboard



Receive instant alerts when customers place orders or arrive for curbside pickup via text, email, and/or robocall notifications.

Location Information

Sync location inform from your Square Dashboard or use Poppinpay’s Dashboard to create custom location info for your various storefronts.

Menu Sync

Create custom Menu Categories, Items, and Modifier Lists in your Poppinpay Dashboard to enable new customer service functions

Content Management

Easily update app and web store content in your Dashboard, with all changes automatically synced across channels.

View Square Menu

View all Categories, Items and Modifier Lists with additional search features to quickly find what you need.


Enable (or disable) tipping features, set custom tipping percentages, or let customers enter their own tip amounts – all from the Poppinpay Dashboard.

Custom Names

Create eye-catching names for the Categories, Items and Modifier Lists you create.


Choose between In-Store Pickup Fulfillment and/or Curbside Fulfillment. Let customers add special instructions at checkout and on order confirmation pages for each fulfillment type.

Category & Item Sorting

Display your best-sellers front and center with custom item sorting in your app & web store.

Order Prep Time

Set, update, and manage order preparation times and tie estimations to the pickup times requested by the customer.

Cart & Checkout


Special Instructions

Create custom form fields that let customers add special instructions to each order. Instructions are viewable on the Square POS, printed receipt, and/or Fresh KDS order.

Apple and Google Pay

Enable fast and convenient payment options through Apple & Google Pay. Set custom rules for coupon usage, limit each coupon code, and adjust start/end dates as needed.

Mobile Guest Checkout (Coming Soon)

No-hassle mobile checkout options let customers complete their orders without an account.

In-store and Curbside Pickup

Let customers choose between regular in-store pickup or curbside pickup options.

Web Guest Checkout

Quick, effortless web checkout options let customers complete their orders as a guest – no account required.

Coupons (Coming Soon)

Generate coupon codes for all shoppers or create unique discounts for specific customers, applicable to items, categories, or entire orders.

First Time Download Coupon

Entice customers to download your app by creating one-time discount coupons for new users, applicable to specific items, categories, or entire purchases.

Delivery (Coming Soon)

Let customers have their orders delivered straight to their door. Set delivery distance parameters and custom restrictions based on your delivery capabilities.

Customer Management


Saved Cards

Let shoppers add new cards and save card details for quick checkouts. Saved card data is stored securely and syncs between your app & web store.

Loyalty Points & Reward Redemption

Let customer earn and redeem loyalty points & rewards for qualifying purchases in both your app & web store.

Saved Customer Profile Info

Make the checkout process faster by letting customers add profile details across the mobile app and web store.

Order Notifications

Poppinpay’s notifications allow customers to opt-in to alerts and updates on the status of their orders.

Order History

Offer customers complete order histories and the ability to add previous orders to a new purchase.



Text, Email, and Robocall

Let customers choose their preferred order notifications across text, email, and/or robocall to one or more phone numbers. Notifications are customizable based on location and across numbers.

Curbside Notifications

Give customers an easy way to notify you that they’ve arrived for curbside pickup. Notifications are available via text, email, and/or robocall alongside custom fields for vehicle detail information.

Customer Order Notifications

Keep customers in the loop with real-time notifications of order status, synced to your Square Dashboard.

POS Order Notifications

Alert your team to new orders with Square sound notifications. Setting can be toggled on/off in the Square POS.

New Order Notifications

Choose how your team receives notifications for new orders among text, email, and/or robocall to pre-set phone numbers.

Marketing Push Notifications (Add-on)

Keep customers engaged with your mobile app through push notifications for new promotions or products – a powerful way to encourage application usage.

Omnichannel & Multi-Location


Store Locator

Let shoppers choose between each of your Square locations with automatic geo-location that finds their nearest store.

Omnichannel Experience

Keep all of your channels synced in real-time and maintain consistent, accurate customer data. Poppinpay updates Profile Data, Order Histories, Saved Cards, and more across your mobile app and web store.

Order From Last Location

Simplify the re-ordering process and reduce checkout effort by showing customers the last location they ordered from.