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Benefits of a Mobile Order – Ahead Solution for Square

Technology is more prevalent than ever with businesses and standing out from their competitors is vital in today’s market. Square’s POS has become popular for small businesses and works well when you are selling food, coffee, etc… Square’s point of sale system has a dashboard that is built to help businesses make better decisions, such as showing best selling items, comparison to previous performance, and much more. Whether you want your business to sell gift cards, the ability to send invoices, have easy email marketing, or an easy integration with accounting apps, Square’s POS has much built into one system for your business with the exception of one thing.

In 2015, Starbucks Coffee Company announced the availability of mobile order & pay. Publix Super Markets, Inc. has also rolled out a mobile app for order-ahead items such as deli meat, sub sandwiches, platters, bakery, and much more.

The only thing left that Square’s customers were begging for was a mobile order-ahead solution for Square. After all, mobile pre-ordering is expected to be a 38 billion dollar industry by 2020. Well not any more! PoppinPay, founded in 2017 by a successful restaurant owner, is currently the only mobile order-ahead application that directly integrates with Square’s POS (with no additional hardware needed).

Below are the main benefits why Square businesses are implementing a mobile order-ahead solution:

Your App. Your Brand.

PoppinPay’s mobile order-ahead solution incorporates your brand that lives on the consumer’s mobile device (Apple and Android) all the time. No more going to a website to place an order-what kind of user experience is that anyways? This means that every time your customer thinks of coffee or food, they see your business and select it first before seeing a laundry list of competitors. And that also means no more paying for fees to be on directories with other ad hoc solutions.

No More Standing in Line

There is nothing worse than standing in line. We all hate it and have grown to become impatient in waiting. The only thing that is keeping us from complaining as much is we stay occupied by looking at our phones while we wait. Right or wrong, waiting can affect businesses and not just in customer reviews- actual missed revenue opportunities. If one thing can be agreed upon, it’s that we are all getting busier with life and are looking for ways to simplify things. What businesses are forgetting to realize is that consumers are more likely to go somewhere else with their money than stand in line. This also builds loyalty with your customers due to the convenience factor.

Increase in Loyalty

Having a Square mobile order-ahead app gives you a reason to utilize Square’s loyalty program. Did you know that 68 percent of millenials say they wouldn’t be loyal to a brand if it doesn’t have a good loyalty program? Reward your repeat customers and offer promotions via the mobile device. If your business is already using the loyalty program, do not worry when implementing PoppinPay’s mobile order-ahead app because each user’s rewards carries over seamlessly.

Increase in Revenue

Mentioned last, this probably should be the number one reason Square businesses should implement a mobile order-ahead solution. Taco Bell has seen 30% higher average order values on mobile compared to in-store and Starbucks has already seen 10% of total transactions contributing to sales (in 2017).

In Conclusion

Businesses need to utilize everything and anything they can to increase customer loyalty and generate more revenue. The wait for a Square mobile order-ahead app solution is now over and won’t require you to take out a loan to implement. To learn more about implementing a Square mobile order-ahead app for your business, reach out or call 770-599-2700.